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App Store

The App Store lets you list your integrations with other apps and add-ons by others using your API. Saasler encourages your users to discover new apps that play nice with you.

We make it easy for you to set up and update the App store. We help you grow your partner network, increase your platform’s visibility, and enable easy third party app submissions.

Your App Store’s design, domain and content are fully customizable, and are entirely under your control. All apps created by you in the Store can be later claimed by their owners, reassigned to them through a seamless validation process. From that point on, it is maintained by them, but you would still control the content, by approving all of the changes made by them.

This is what Stripe integration page could look like if it uses Saasler

Current Integration Page

With Saasler

Developers Portal

Build a fully customizable online portal to enable and support collaborations with developers and integration partners.

Manage authentication keys which grant access and permissions to the different developers and partners who integrate with your app.

Increase developer engagement with tighter feedback loops, and grow your app’s functionality with the use of external contributions.

Embedded Integrations

Embedded integrations will be your users’ favorite. They will have access to enhanced functionality at their fingertips –  without having to use a third party software to integrate with (we´re looking at you Zapier). This will also make the integrations performed by developers more meaningful and relevant for the daily usage of your app.

How is this different from Zapier, Mulesoft or IFTTT?

Using third party products like Zapier or IFTTT merely allows you to sync data based on certain triggers you set up and nothing more. This process overcomplicates user experience and adds an extra cost.

Saasler takes your integrations to the next level: not only sync data, but expand the functionality and usability of your SaaS product.