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What does Saasler cost?

Saasler is one of the best investments you can make to maximize your product team’s output and maintain seamless, reliable integrations. Plus, you’ll always know what you’ll pay per month — no surprises.

The pricing below is per integration on a yearly contract.


1 Third-party Integration
250 Active Accounts
UnlimitedUsers per account
60 min Polling Frequency
Embedded Integrations


1 Third-party Integration
1,000 Active Accounts
Unlimited Users per account
15 min Polling Frequency
Inbound Webhook
Embedded Integrations
Advanced Field Mapping
Custom Objects
Bidirectional Sync
White Glove Setup
White Label


1 Third-party Integration
Unlimited Active Accounts
Unlimited Users per account
Custom Polling Frequency
Embedded Integrations
Advanced Field Mapping
Custom Objects
Bidirectional Sync
White Glove Setup
White Label
Custom Domain
Custom Functions

White Glove Setup:
for Growth & Enterprise plans

During our White Glove Setup, we’ll build out your first three integrations for you, so your team can focus completely on your core product. When it’s time to deploy each integration, all that’s required is adding a small snippet of JS code to your app — though we’re happy to do that for you, as well.

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Pricing FAQ

Feature 1

Do you have any documentation available?

Absolutely. Feel free to check out our documentation here.

How are integrations priced?

Each integration will be billed separately. An integration is a connection between your app and a third-party application(I.e. Salesforce, Hubspot, Basecamp, etc) limited only by the number of active accounts.

What is an active account?

Active accounts are accounts that your users have linked between your app and a third-parties’ application. There is not limit to the number of users available on a per account basis. Example: if your customer connects their account with Salesforce, and they have unlimited users, that would count as one active account towards your limit, regardless of the number of users in that account.

Which apps can we integrate with? What functions are available?

Saasler can help you integrate with any app that has an existing API. We provide two types of integrations:

User-triggered actions — These occur when a user clicks a button, selects from a drop-down menu, or fills out a form

Automated triggers — These occur when a certain event happens in your app, like a new state. For example, if the status of a deal in your CRM changes to “won,” an automated trigger creates a new task in your task management application.

Can you replicate existing integrations I have in my app, so I don’t have to maintain them?
Yes. We can replicate and import any credentials or user data needed to centralize all your integrations within Saasler.

Maintaining a seamless user experience is key for us. How can we ensure Saasler integrations look native to our app?

To ensure that every Saasler integration works seamlessly with your app, you have complete control of the integration endpoints and form fields. You’re also able to test every integration extensively in our sandbox environment before embedding anything into your product.

Feature 2

We’ve had some rough experiences with third-party integration platforms in the past. What makes Saasler any different?

Two main ways Saasler stands apart from other third-party integration platforms:

Since Saasler integrations are embedded directly into your product, your users won’t need to leave your site or manage any setup themselves, as they would with a solution like Zapier. In fact, they won’t even notice that an integration is any different from the rest of your product.

Most third-party platforms force your team to configure a bunch of settings and workarounds to make integrations look nice and work correctly. Only Saasler has automated this much of the building (and styling) process — so it’s truly the least headache-inducing way to create integrations.

Does using Saasler open us up to security risks?

We build on Amazon Web Services’ already serious investments into security by encrypting all data sent to Saasler, by never storing any data that isn’t used directly within an integration, and by bringing on independent auditors to conduct security reviews. Furthermore, our database in which data is encrypted has no internet access.

How long is my commitment? Annual? Monthly?

Saasler requires a one year commitment, and to ensure you’re completely confident in the product, we include a 90-day money back guarantee.

What if we give Saasler a try, but find out it’s not for us?

We’re happy to start you off with a pilot integration. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 90 days, we’ll issue a full refund, then return and remove any data that was stored on our platform.

We promise you this: an integration so seamless, you’ll swear your team built it in-house.

No matter how simple or complex, we’re confident Saasler can create the exact integration you’re looking for.

Start building an integration in minutes.

Try Saasler today, no credit card required.

“We had all these people asking for a Shopify integration, and now we could give it to them so much faster.”

Matt Bilotti
Product Manager