Strategist’s Guide to Building Integrations - Saasler - Saasler

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Is your go-to product marketing strategy yielding the results you want?

When time and resources are limited, some of the best growth marketing tactics are simply to leverage strategic integrations with complementary software products.

These integrations can smooth out your onboarding process or decrease churn by engaging customers at strategic times, without having to dedicate resources to building internal processes from scratch.

Companies like Trello, Unbounce and Asana are using integrations to find new business opportunities and boost their marketing efforts.

Integrations are great allies to find new marketing opportunities for your SaaS. You can leverage on positive brand associations and enhanced product functionality to boost your marketing efforts.

By leveraging Saasler integrations, your can:

  • Reduce churn rates,
  • Leverage on positive brand associations and social proof,
  • Accelerate onboarding processes for your users,
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.

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