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What is Saasler?

Saasler helps SaaS product companies build entire platforms around their existing APIs.

App Store

It turns your boring integrations page into your very own fully customizable App Store

Developers Portal

Our Developers’ Portal feature allows you to build an ecosystem of collaboration, enabling your partners to create full-featured integrations.

Embedded Integrations

You can embed these integrations straight into your app and let your users benefit from an enriched experience and increased functionality.

Why Use Saasler?

Sending your users to an external third-party integration directory or a support page disrupts your user experience and increases user bounce and exit rates.

Building upon your existing API opens a whole new world of opportunities meant to enrich your user’s experience by allowing your app to play well with other apps. As more of your users integrate your product with others they use, it will help create a moat that will defend your product from potential competitors.

Saasler benefits your users by:

Providing more information on how your product works and how it could integrate with their existing software.

Allowing them to provide reviews or comments on the integrations.

Giving them access to enhanced functionality right within your app, thanks to our embedded integrations platform.