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With Saasler, you can build two types of integrations — that cover every user action you can imagine

Integration type 1: Automated triggers

Automated triggers fire when a certain event happens in your app, like a new state.

For example, if the status of a deal in your CRM changes to “won,” an automated trigger creates a new task in your task management application.

Automated Triggers

Integration type 2: User-triggered actions

These occur when a user clicks a button, selects from a drop-down menu, or fills out a form.

In this scenario, two things can happen, depending on your preferred setup:

Option 1: the action generates an API call, and the action is completed in the third-party application. No further user interaction is needed.

Option 2: the action opens a pop-up modal, where your user provides additional input via a form to customize the action (see below).

User Triggered Actions

Forms: For user-triggered actions that need a bit more context

Some integrations require additional user input to understand their intent — for example, exporting data to a CRM might require the user to choose which deal to connect to.

This is where forms come in: they allow your users to interact with data in a third-party app, without you having to alter your own app to store additional data.

Send data to CRM

The window into how your integrations perform over time

Feature 1

With Saasler’s Integrations Intelligence dashboard, you’ll know which integrations are most popular with users, and which are used less frequently — so you can adjust your product roadmap accordingly and create the stickiest experience possible.

Feature 2

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