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Building an integration shouldn’t take months of your engineers’ time

Saasler cuts the process down to a few days.
Your customers get a stickier experience, faster.
Your team gets to focus on building a better product.

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Trusted by fast-growing SaaS companies, including:

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Saasler creates integrations that look and feel native to your app, while your team focuses on your core product.

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Your customers keep asking for new integrations with other apps. But you have bug fixes, that next big feature release, and so many other projects on your plate.

If you finally do decide to build a new integration, connecting an API is just the first small step.

Suddenly, you also have to worry about:

  • The other app’s potential for custom data
  • How to deal with advancing within that platform
  • Authenticating your customers with third party APIs
  • Ensuring security and data encryptio
  • API throttling – so you don’t hit API Limits
  • Refreshing expired tokens
  • Monitoring API changes, so everything doesn’t break

…and suddenly, a one-week task just became six months of work.

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That’s why high-growth SaaS companies use Saasler: the integration platform that manages all the heavy lifting, while giving you the look, feel, and total control of integrations you’d build in-house.

Once you’ve mapped your API in our Developer Portal, you can quickly connect to hundreds of other third-party apps, and embed new integrations directly into your product.

We’re obsessed with creating a seamless product experience for your customers, so they’ll never be able to tell where your product ends, and your embedded Saasler integration begins.

And as developers ourselves, we’re sticklers for security and control — so your product team will enjoy the high levels of each that come with homegrown integrations.

Hundreds of embeddable integrations, including:

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Get started for free or learn more about how Saasler works

Start shipping integrations in days, not months

Your team clock Time Frame: 1 hour

Meets with us for a short call, so we can understand your specific needs and requirements.

Shares your API and documentation with us, so we can add it to our Developer Portal (where you’ll be able to connect to any — yes, any — third-party app with an existing API).

We clock Time Frame: 1-3 days

Add your API to our Developer Portal, where we automate all the heavy lifting required to design and build your integration.

Your team clock Time Frame: 1-3 days

Embeds a few lines of JS code into your app. Then it’s time to test and deploy!

Once your integration is live, leave the maintenance to us

Saasler does all the heavy lifting to ensure your integrations always run smoothly

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Authenticating your end-users with third-party APIs

Team of Developers

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Refreshing expired tokens

Embed few Code

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Executing requests to third-party APIs

Guide you Every Step

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API throttling – so you don’t hit API Limits

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Monitoring API changes and errors

Feature 6

Security and data encryption

We promise you this: an integration so seamless, you’ll swear your team built it in-house

No matter how simple or complex, we’re confident Saasler can create the exact integration you’re looking for

Start building an integration in minutes

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“Before, we’d lose months of a developer’s time to researching and building an integration.
Now, we get that time back to focus on the product.”

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