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Welcome to the future of SaaS integrations

We are incredibly proud and excited to share Saasler with you.

What started off as an idea with the potential to make a difference, has now, after months of long nights and hard work, developed into a product that can truly add value to your SaaS business. From providing an integration directory only, Saasler now evolved into providing embedded integrations and encouraging collaboration between developers.

As of now, our features include:

  • A full-fledged, customized directory to showcase your integrations to your users.
  • Embedded integrations that will live inside your app, which can be either user or automatically triggered.
  • Best-in-class intelligence and insights into the “health” of your integrations.

It is our strong belief that building successful integrations offers tremendous value to companies, as it not only benefits the business side, but also allows development teams to focus on their core product features.

Our team keeps working on making Saasler the best product it can be and offer you the most out of your SaaS app integrations.

Please feel free to drop us a message with your feedback, questions, or comments any time!

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