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What if you could build the complex, native integrations your users beg for — without eating up your engineers' time?

Saasler builds seamless integrations right into your app, so your dev team can focus on actually growing the product.

We help your product integrate better with other apps.

Integrations should go beyond retention and help you create and acquire more valuable, engaged customers and richer usage data.

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Native integrations

  • A completely native customer experience: Unlike Zapier, your users face no third-party signups or subscription process to use your integrations
  • Every new integration comes with a steep learning curve and new hoops to jump through. Hand those off to Saasler, and empower your engineers to focus on growing your core product.
  • Make new integrations more than just an occasional selling point. You’ll stand out from your competitors as the fastest-evolving solution in your space.
  • Increase brand loyalty and product “stickiness” by bringing integrations inside your core app experience.
Embedded integrations

Integrations Intelligence

Saasler handles everything you need to make sure your integrations are always running smoothly:

  • Authenticating your end-users with third-party APIs
  • Refreshing expired tokens
  • Executing requests to third-party APIs
  • API throttling – so you don’t hit API Limits
  • Monitoring API changes and errors
  • Security and data encryption
  • Analytics showing how your users use the data you manage for them
Integrations Intelligence

Integrations Directory

  • A full-featured directory to showcase your integrations to your users. You can stop using your Documentation page for that.
  • A marketplace to let your users install and remove integrations themselves, or activate embedded integrations promoted within the your app.
  • Customize the look and feel of the directory to match your brand, from logos and design elements to copy, images, installation instructions, etc.
Integrations Directory

Getting started is easy

Feature 1

1. List all the apps you’d like to integrate with.

Team of Developers

Feature 2

2. Create the integrations with a third-party app using our easy to use developer portal.

Embed few Code

Feature 3

3. Embed a few lines of JS code into your app and you’re ready to go.

Guide you Every Step

Feature 4

4. Test and go live!