We help your product integrate better with other apps. 

Integrations should go beyond retention and help you create and acquire more valuable, engaged customers and richer usage data.

Here’s how Saasler can help:


Embedded Integrations

  • The integrations we build for your app will live inside the app. They can be either manually triggered by users or automatically triggered.

  • Your users won’t need to pay for any other services, such as Zapier, to create the integrations.

  • Complete control over the import and export of data to and from your app.  

  • Increase brand loyalty and product "stickiness" by bringing integrations inside your core app experience.

Integrations Intelligence

  • Get more data on the health of your integrations; know which are being used most and optimize your future integrations and partnerships.

  • Best in class business intelligence and insights you won’t get from other services.

Integrations Directory

  • A full-featured directory to showcase your integrations to your users. You can stop using your Documentation page for that 😏.

  • A marketplace to let your users install and remove integrations themselves, or activate embedded integrations promoted within the UX of your app.

  • We will customize the look and feel of the directory to match your brand, from logos and design elements to copy, images, installation instructions, etc.

Getting started is easy:


1. Tell us what apps you need to integrate with.

2. Our team of developers will create the integrations using your API and the third-party app’s API.

3. Embed a few lines of JS code into your app and you’re ready to go.

4. Don’t worry, our team will guide you every step of the way.

or learn more about the features

[Whitepaper] The Strategist's Guide to Building a SaaS Integration Ecosystem

[Whitepaper] The Strategist's Guide to Building a SaaS Integration Ecosystem

Do you want to make your product better with integrations? Here is how you can use them to grow your business.